Monday, 9 April 2012

New ebook from Five Leaves

Latest Five Leaves/Crime Express novella available as an ebook - just don't ask why it is priced at £1.02 rather than 99p as planned. We have no idea what Amazon is up to on that. Maybe the new price will catch on.
Jack Kiley, a professional footballer turned private investigator, is hired to track down a solider who has gone missing while on leave from Iraq. The soldier's mind is disturbed by what he has seen and done in the war, and he is armed. There are fears both for the man himself and for the safety of his estranged wife and two young children.Kiley's search leads him to Nottingham, where he teams up with D. I. Charlie Resnick. Together they search the house where the soldier's wife and children have been living and find them gone, almost certainly taken against their will ... the only question now is, will they find them before it is too late? Trouble in Mind brings together two of John Harvey’s major characters.

The reviews on Amazon are interesting... those saying the printed book was poor value at £4.99 as the reviewers were used to paying about £4 for 400 page John Harveys. Well, they might be, but those old "french flapped" A6 paperbacks cost about £2 each to produce. But here we have the ebook at around £1 - ideal for novellas.

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