Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Forest Bookstore, Selkirk

Back in the Scottish Borders on family business... giving a good opportunity to revisit one of my favourite bookshops, The Forest Bookstore in Selkirk. Why a favourite? If you'd been brought up in Hawick, the nearest "big" town (which has no bookshop) you would understand. The Forest Bookshop does have a good range of Scottish books, but makes no attempt to cater for the Tartan market. Thus, among the books in the window was a book by Terry Eagleton on why Marx was right. This is Selkirk! The owner is a big fan of the London Review of Books and says that Nicholas Lezard's recommendations in the Guardian do particularly well. He's also sold a few copies of our Maps, again the Guardian review...
What else does he stock... well, if I said my two purchases - on face out display - were as follows, you might want to call, so support such an enterprise, if in the area. And to stock up on the wonderful Selkirk Bannock at the bakers along the road. Anyway, my two purchases were New Finish Grammar by Diego Marani (Dedelus), as recommended by Lezard and The Road, fictions and essays by Vasily Grossman (Maclehose).
Unaccountably The Forest Bookstore does not seem to have a website, but if in Selkirk, it's in the Market Place.

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