Friday, 15 November 2013

Gone booksellin'

Sorry for the shortage of posts on this blog - been too busy setting up the bookshop, which is open now. I'll post properly on Sunday about this and that. The shop, our new sold-out-before-publication book on Ian Nairn for starters. Meantime, here's our first shop Book of the Week:

15/11/13 - Book of the Week at Five Leaves Bookshop
Been really busy putting the shop together and sorting it all out... the ONLY book I have read since October 21st is War and Peace, so that has to be the Five Leaves Bookshop Book of the Week. Not the overlong, padded out, translated version by that Tolstoy bloke, but the twelve word board book by Jack and Holman Wang. Suitable for small children and those who always wanted to read War and Peace but never got round to it.
Andrei and Pierre love their country and the same woman. Which knitted-felt man will knitted-felt Natasha choose? I'd pick the knitted-felt horse myself. Utterly charming.
Copies of what must now be the canonical version of War and Peace are available in the bookshop at £6.99 or, post free, from 0115 837 3097 (10-5.30, Monday-Saturday).