Sunday, 10 October 2010

More on John Lucas, and Beeston International Poetry Festival

Sixty people came to the Nottingham Bromley House Library launch of John Lucas' Next Year Will Be Better and Things to Say (see postings passim). Two more events to go, London and Edinburgh. John Lucas and most of the guests are out of the picture, which is probably where he, at least, prefers to be. John is also the organiser of the Beeston International Poetry Festival, starting 16th of this month. That's Beeston in Nottingham, and yes, it is international, with Greek, Australian and various other international poets as well as home grown. The full programme is on, but you do need to scroll down to reach the programme, past a worryingly blank page. There is also a Facebook group:
Those who know John will know that he is responsible for neither electronic medium!

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David Belbin said...

Rather than scrolling down, readers can right click that first link and 'save as' to download the full document to their desktop! Or if they have a mac, clicking on it downloads the document automatically.

See you there.