Saturday, 16 October 2010

To the barricades

Five Leaves has initiated an open letter to Nottinghamshire County Council about its proposed library cutbacks - see previous posting. The letter will be sent on Monday 25 October and 96 writers from the East Midlands have signed it over the weekend. Any local writers or anyone involved in the industry locally can contact me to add their name on The list includes Notts exiles Julie Myerson (who used to work in libraries) and John Harvey as well as a range of writers from Maria Allen, novelist of this parish, through to Gregory Woods, poet, literary critic and academic. The Nottingham Post is likely to run a story on Wednesday. They have already run a great editorial on
Update - the letter was sent with 100 names. East Midlands Today has done an interview for Tuesday.


Anonymous said...

Hello Ross
As an East Midlands / Notts. writer myself, now exiled, happy to add my name to the list. God luck with it.
Martin Goodman

Ross Bradshaw said...

Thanks Martin - I presume you are the now Hull Martin Goodman (who I was in touch with over the Hull poetry book) rather than the Roman history author Martin Goodman!