Sunday, 16 May 2010

The Year of Alexander Baron

We are very pleased to see that Black Spring has published two classic Alexander Baron books, From the City, From the Plough and The Lowlife. Both were high on our wants list for New London Editions but we are not complaining, and wish Black Spring the best for these editions. From the City... is generally regarded as being one of the best novels about WWII, while The Lowlife is a great book about one of the Jewish characters who did not take the north west passage, continuing to live in Hackney, still gambling down the dog tracks. Black Spring also promise the release of Baron's book of war short stories, The Human Kind, next spring. A tremendous book. Meanwhile we have just received Andrew Whitehead's introduction to Alaxander Baron's Rosie Hogarth, due out in October from Five Leaves, to add to our King Dido. More on that one later.

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