Sunday, 2 May 2010

So farewell then, Sphinx

My favourite little press mag, Sphinx, has closed down its print edition, after five years and twelve issues, in part migrating to Fittingly, this magazine focusing on the small press world had black endpapers. The last issue includes interviews with editors at Salt, Two Ravens, Candlestick and Templar. Gerry Cambridge from Dark Horse talks about typesetting, Tess Rainsford reports on the lively Scottish poetry pamphlet scene while Eleanor Livingstone discusses the Scottish poetry festival StAnza. There is more, but that should be enough to encourage anyone interested in small presses to order this issue from the website above, and if you are feeling flush to buy some of the back issues. Helena Nelson, one of the few but increasing numbers of women editors in the small press world, deserves congratulations for running something that covers "our" world, and Sphinx is going out with a bumper issue. £3.50 well spent. You may have to fiddle about a bit on their website though, clicking on issue 12 I get 9. But you can manage.

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David Belbin said...

That's a pity, it was a really good little magazine. Thanks for the link which I'll check out.