Wednesday, 3 March 2010

World Book Day - Berlie Doherty

Congratulations to Berlie Doherty on being appointed as the first Derbyshire Reading Champion, tomorrow on World Book Day. The appointment is for two years and during this time Berlie will act as an advocate and champion reading within Derbyshire and beyond, raising the profile of reading and libraries. She will participate in a number of high profile events with children and families as well as training events for staff and partnership activities.
Berlie is a Five Leaves' "irregular" - most of her books are with other publishers but we were pleased to publish her crime novel for young adults, A Beautiful Place for a Murder. The beautiful place in question is Derbyshire of course. Indeed the book is set in her home of Edale, and some real local residents happily have walk on parts in the book. The book started as a short story in our regional young adult fiction anthology In the Frame, before it grew into a full size book. It was shortlisted for the Bolton Book Award and is in its second printing already.

We will be publishing a Five Leaves' edition of Berlie's picture book Blue John, also set in Derbyshire. By tomorrow would be good, but it might be a little longer.

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