Wednesday, 24 March 2010

The lit

The day after States of Independence it was off to Edinburgh where the Edinburgh Jewish Literary Society ("the lit", had an evening devoted to Five Leaves' The Sea of Azov. Anne Joseph, the editor, was there (eagerly looking forward to her 7.00am flight back to London the next day), as was Ellen Galford, a local contributor. Ellen is the author of one of the best-titled books ever, The Dyke and the Dybbuk. Together with fellow "lit" members Elaine Samuel and Leslie Danziger Ellen read chunks of The Sea of Azov as a backdrop to a discussion on Jewish short stories internationally.
"The lit" has been going since 1888, naturally with ups and downs, but it has always been the place for debate, argument and a home for the secularists as well as those of religious bent. A number of the current members are Yiddishists, a number are also academics from the University - that being something of a tradition. This session was the last of the year-long season but any Jews (or those interested in Jewish culture) in that part of the world might want to make sure they get next year's programme. There's a history too, published in its centenary year The Lit. at Home, available from bookshops using 0 902528 19 X as a reference.

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