Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Ebook bargains!

Five Leaves produces an annual spined journal on a particular theme. They have sold well in the printed version, but only recently have we made them available as ebooks. Here's the offer:

The Maps and Utopia ebooks will be on special offer as countdown deals at Amazon's Kindle Store, at 99p each from midday on March 24th, £1.99 from 3pm on March 26th, then finally £2.99 from 6pm on March 28th, reverting back to their original price of £4.99 at 10pm on 30th March.

Alongside this special offer, the Crime ebook will be FREE at Amazon's Kindle Store for five days from midday on March 24th.



Kathz said...

some of us have kobos (because Amazon doesn't pay its taxes)

Ross Bradshaw said...

I hate dealing with Amazon, but if we are to have ebooks we have to. In the last month for which we have been paid, not an untypical example, we sold 216 ebooks via Amazon, 24 via Overdrive (their sales covering a three month period) and none at all on any of the other platforms our ebooks are on. Short of saying we won't do ebooks I can't see any alternative to working with the Great Satan. As with print books, I'd prefer people to order in any other way possible.