Thursday, 25 October 2012

New from Five Leaves, Talking Green

Talking Green
Talking Schools, Talking Houses, Talking to Architects
... all the subjects of previous sets of lectures by Colin Ward. His interests were far wider than these concerns. Five Leaves alone has published books by him, sometimes with others, on squatting, allotments, the plotlands of the south of England, British holiday camps and anarchism. For various reasons a planned set of lectures on green issues was never published during his lifetime, but we are glad to rectify that omission now.
The twelve essays in
Talking Green cover environmental pollution, urban life, allotments, the uses of nature, land settlement, regionalism, squatting, small-holding, the green personality and the shires of Southern England. Together they provide discussion points for anyone interested in taking green politics further than climate change and recycling (important as these are). Colin Ward connects green politics and lifestyle to everyday living and working, always providing positive proposals for future living. All the essays are based on lectures given by Ward at a
variety of institutions. They are titled:

A Doomwatch for the Pollution of our Land
The Urban Predicament
The Shires of Southern Britain
Who Owns Nature? Possession and Dispossession
The Allotment Garden as a Green Affirmation
A Century of Land-settlement in Essex
Regionalist Seeds Beneath the Centralist Snow
Whose Land is it Anyway?
Small Holdings
The Green Personality
Escaping the City
Is Conservation More Than Nostalgia?

Talking Green is 160 pages, £7.99 and can be ordered from or any good bookshop

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