Sunday, 5 February 2012

The shock of the new (bookshops)

Here's a few new bookshops of various kinds, all within the Five Leaves orbit, and all recommended. The first is a specialist internet supplier for print and eBooks related to Spain. Book4Spain stocks our Spanish/Catalan list, being only a small selection of their specialist and popular books on all things Spanish: The latest radical bookshop, Hydra in Bristol is now open. Not been there yet, though met some of the organisers a couple of times when they were planning the shop. Definitely in the radical sector - I've felt for ages that Glasgow did not have enough bookshops, so good luck to Oswald Street Bookshop ( The shop specialises in all things Scottish, including Yachting Pilots for the whole of the country (now there's a specialism), and has just ordered copies of all our books by Scottish writers. Finally, in that other Celtic country, the Penrallt Gallery Bookshop is now open in Machynlleth, run by a couple of old friends from Nottingham.

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