Monday, 4 July 2011

New Adrian Buckner pamphlet from Five Leaves

Bed Time Reading by Adrian Buckner is our first poetry pamphlet since 2007, though Adrian is no stranger to our list as his full collection, Contains Mild Peril, was published by us the same year. I've long been an admirer of Adrian's slow, thoughtful poems, since being on the appointment panel for when he was Nottinghamshire's one and only local Poet Laureate. He had a very successful year but the project funding could not be continued so he must remain a difficult answer to a question in some local literary quiz of the future. This pamphlet - in true Adrian style - comprises a second look at the books he first read in youth - Anna Karenina, Tess of the d'Urbervilles, Auden, Primo Levi and others including, not surprisingly knowing his love of cricket, John Arlott's Test Match Diary 1953. This was a book written some years before Adrian's birth, but Arlott can only have had a reader like Adrian Buckner in mind while writing it. You can order via:

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