Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Little mags # 1

Some time ago I posted - somewhere - an article reporting on a talk DJ Taylor gave on the history of the little magazine. He quoted sales figures of some literary magazines that are now considered to be historically of great import. Sadly google lets me down in tracing my article. From memory he referred to certain important mags as having had circulations of around 2,000-3,000. Many's the modern lit mag that would envy such heights. Few people can subscribe to more than a handful of magazines, and since the demise of Borders there is only a handful of outlets where you can buy, or browse, the current range. I mention this having had a heartfelt plea recently from a lit mag to take out a sub, and thinking, yes, well, the only way to afford another is to drop one. So instead, as a very minor promotion I'll post, shortly, some comments on the latest issue of Ambit, in the hope that someone might take the plunge. It could have been Penniless Press or Dream Catcher or The London Magazine...
The two places you can see a range of mags are the Poetry Library in London and the Scottish Poetry Library. Some are stocked by Inpress (www.inpressbooks.co.uk) where you can buy individual titles as well as subscribe. I've just received their attractive new print catalogue. If you are interested in the literary indie world why not email them for a copy... enquiries@inpressbooks.co.uk

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