Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Flying Goose migration

The Shoestring Press readings at the Flying Goose in Beeston, Nottingham will finally draw to a close in March. This series of mostly, but not exclusively, poetry readings has been running for about seven or eight seasons. John Lucas, the organiser (and a Five Leaves' writer), has not kept the programmes, nor have I. Perhaps someone has. You may not have heard of the series - not surprising as a balance always had to be made between getting enough people along and too many since the venue holds 36 people. There was a famous occasion when 64 turned up, though when people breathed out at the half time break some attendees were propelled through the front door. Over the years the Goose has become a fixture on the small press scene - many, perhaps most, of those attending have been writers, publishers, teachers or organisers of literature, but new people have always been welcome. Most of the Five Leaves' writers from the region, and some from outside the region, have read there. The two last events in the current format are on Tuesday 15 February and 15th March at 7.30pm, the first with Five Leaves/Tindall Street writer David Belbin reading with fellow novelist Thomas Legendre, the series ending with readings by poets Ann Atkinson, a former editor of Staple, and Alan Baker, the founder/publisher of Leafe Press.
The Flying Goose readings will, however, continue in the hands of the poet Sarah Jackson (pictured), a Flying Goose regular since moving to Nottingham, but not under the Shoestring Press banner.
Thanks to John Lucas, and to all the writers who've produced some great nights over the years.

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