Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Battle of Cable Street, diary date

If you had planned to take part in the Battle of Cable Street, you are, unfortunately, 73 years and 364 days late, as the 74th anniversary is tomorrow. However we can say that plans are already being worked up for the 75th anniversary in 2011. I posted about the books Five Leaves will be publishing earlier, on 13th August, but can now say that we'll be running a joint launch for the books on 2nd October 2011, with a panel discussion on the literature of the 1930s the previous day. Alan Gibbons, author of one of the books, will also be doing some schools' work on the 3rd October. Many of the Cable Street events will take place in and around Wilton's Music Hall in the East End. Meantime you might want to diary that weekend, and read an interview with one of the participants, Max Levitas, still active at 95 or watch another, Ubby Cowan, talking about the event:,


David Belbin said...

Look, I hate to be pedantic but can we stop this right here? 'Diary' is not a verb. You want diarize or diarise, both of which sound horrible, admittedly.

Ross Bradshaw said...

Yup, diarize/se are nasty. Diary as a verb is a hangover from local government days. I'll try to abolish such use.