Wednesday, 14 July 2010

New John Lucas poetry collection

This is my 100th blog entry, the system tells me. And a good way to celebrate is by announcing John Lucas' new poetry collection. Copies are available now via the long website address at the bottom. Don't be confused about the different cover currently on the Inpress website, that was our first, draft cover, before we used the one you see here. John Lucas is a great friend of Five Leaves but this is his first solo collection with us. John is one of the few modern poets who combines politics, class, love and art in his work, combining them all with great technical skill. His fans will be pleased to know that his alter ego, Thorn Gruin, makes an appearance. Many of these poems reflect issues taken up at more length in his Next Year Will Be Better: a memoir of England in the 1950s, due later in the summer.

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