Thursday, 29 October 2009

It's not the winning that counts

Rod Madocks' No Way to Say Goodbye was shortlisted for the ITV3 Crime and Thriller Awards in the section for the John Creasey First Novels in conjunction with the Crime Writers Association. Sadly it did not win but Rod got to walk up a red carpet. He was interviewed by ITV, bankrupted himself by buying wine for his table at the glitzy venue and watched Lynda La Plante rant against crap books written by TV "personalities". Given that she was on the box and there were plenty of TV personalities in the room it was a brave act. It was a night of crime, film stars and frocks. So here's Rod - scrubbed up well - the crime writer, but sadly no frocks in this picture.

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Rod Madocks said...

Yes, no dagger for me in this night of the long knives Ross but it was a pleasure to meet some great writers - particularly the excellent Gene Kerrigan.
Meanwhile this scribbler turns his back on the world of glitz and glamour and goes back to the garret to the honest toil of concocting another and even more extraordinary tale