Friday, 2 April 2010

New this month at Five Leaves

Swimmer in the Secret Sea by William Kotzwinkle (yes, the bloke from ET) was a book I first read back when dinosaurs roamed the earth. It is a novella on stillbirth. The book stuck in my head for decades, partly because it was so well written, partly because of the skillful way it dealt with difficult subject matter. I'm pleased now to make it again available, in a joint edition with the US publisher David Godine.
40 Years in the Wilderness: inside Israel's West Bank settlements could not be more timely, and, thanks to the wonders of digital printing, up to date. Josh Berthoud Freedman and Seth Freedman travelled through the settlements interviewing people ranging from gun-toting fundamentalists through to those Israeli's simply trying to find a cheap place to live. The book includes discussion of the current settlement activity at Sheikh Jarrah and Silwan in Jerusalem as well as those on the West Bank. Both books are now available mail order via or can be ordered from bookshops

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