Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Campaign for Real Plebs

We are eagerly waiting an order for this book from Andrew Mitchell. 
The Plebs League and the Labour College Movement were at the forefront of adult education in the North East of England as previously self-educated shipyard workers and miners came together to create an adult education movement that they could control... a movement that sought to explain the political conditions in which they found themselves.
This short book celebrates the achievements of this long forgotten group of autodidacts.
The title reflects the choices faced by working class people at the time - the pit or the shipyards, then the major sources of employment in the region.
81 pages, illustrated, 9781910170076, £6.99
Available - post free - from Five Leaves Bookshop. Also in stock at Cogito (Hexham), Housmans (London) and elsewhere.

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