Monday, 9 June 2014

Going, going, gone - title update

Update on some of our titles:
The Liberation of Celia Kahn is now out of print in paperback, though the ebook is still available for the moment. Together with its companion volume, The Credit Draper, which will also fall out of print, J. David Simons' titles are passing to another publisher. This is Saraband in Glasgow. The two titles will appear from them with the third in the loose trilogy - The Land Agent. I've read the third and it is very good indeed. I'm sorry to see the books go, but they will have a great new home with Saraband and it makes sense for the three books to be available from the one source.
Less satisfying is that two of our announced titles will not appear at all. The first is Under the Surface: mining poetry. Unfortunately the editor was unable to complete the book and it has had to be abandoned. A further title, Comrade Marilyn, ran into copyright issues and has also had to be cancelled.
It's rare that we have abandoned titles after announcing them - these might be the first - but there's nothing we can do. Perhaps sometime these titles will come back to life.


J. David Simons said...

I would just like to add that I am extremely grateful to Ross for having shepherded my two books - The Credit Draper and The Liberation of Celia Kahn - over the last three years under the Five Leaves imprint. As Ross has pointed out, since the books form part of my 'Glasgow to Galilee' trilogy, it makes sense that they are published along with the final part of the trilogy - The Land Agent - from one source and with a coherent design throughout, hence the move to Saraband at a time when Ross is concentrating on his bookshop venture. I am proud to have been associated with Five Leaves and wish Ross, Myra and Pippa much success and hope to see them in Nottingham some time in the not too distant future. David

David Belbin said...

Greatly looking forward to 'The Land Agent'. And I urge anyone who hasn't read it to check out David's superb stand alone novel from last year, 'An Exqusite Sense Of What Is Beautiful', also from Saraband.