Friday, 7 September 2012

Five Leaves Gypsy book hits the Mail and Sun!

Here's the Mail review - an astonishingly good one - Yes, yes, I know that the Mail and Romanies are thought of in the same way as, say, the NHS and Jeremy Hunt, but it is a good review. But wait, that's not Five Leaves, that's Abacus. Indeed, we sold the mass market rights to Dominic Reeve's book to Abacus and they have done well with it, with reviews so far in the Sun and the (Glasgow) Herald and a lot of copies appearing in WH Smith. So, scratching my head here, why is it that when we first published Beneath the Blue Sky the only reviews appeared in Romani journals worldwide, for which we give thanks, but no reviews appeared in the general press? And WH Smith? Could it be because we is small?

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