Wednesday, 8 August 2012

New from Five Leaves, Student by David Belbin


Student is actually published on 24 September in paperback and 17 September as an ebook but our chums at Inpress Books have advance copies available now. Student is in the voice of a female student, and we follow her from West Kirby in her A-level year through three years of university in Nottingham. If we simply said she does not join the Christian Union, the amateur dramatic society and spend three years working hard for a 2.1 we'd only be scratching the surface. It's quite a journey, and - as the sub-title says - a lot can happen in three years. More if you follow the link:
Here's what Melvin Burgess said: "We have almost no university literature in the UK. David Belbin is ideally placed to help start it off, and this book is a valuable addition to the Young Adult range. Anyone who has been or is at university will relate to the characters. The full range of experiences from that first year after leaving home are all here - isolation, friendship, sex, loyalty, heartbreak, happiness, despair. Some succeed, some fail; of them struggle. The book is full of honesty and insight, and you never know until the very end who is going to make it and who is going to fall by the wayside."
The cover image is by Izza Maria Angeles who lives in the Philippines. This is the first time any of her images have been published, and it fits the book perfectly.

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