Friday, 6 July 2012

New from Five Leaves: From Revolution to Repression, Soviet Yiddish writing

From Revolution to Repression: Soviet Yiddish Writing 1917-1952
It is painful that Joseph Sherman is not around to see this book. He fell ill in 2008, just after delivering the first draft of the book, and never recovered, dying in 2009. We postponed the book, fully expecting to work with him when he recovered. His untimely death meant we did not have the heart to continue and the project was shelved. Eventually we realised that the 60th anniversary of the death of the writers included here was due, prompting us to return to the book. The story of August 12 1952 has already been covered in this blog, an entry or two back, so I won't repeat the story, but can now announce that the book is available now from the website below post free in the UK. Overseas buyers might prefer to use which is post free for other countries.
This book has for once merited the booktrade saw of "long awaited", by friends and colleagues of Joseph in this country, in America and his native South Africa, as well as his family.
We hope in publishing the book to commemorate the Yiddish writers but also Joseph Sherman who saw this book as important in memorialising them.
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