Monday, 12 December 2011

What else can you do with a book apart from read it?

One encouraging development has been people taking their Five Leaves' books onwards and outwards in different ways. Jazz Jews by Mike Gerber has turned into a monthly radio show, Kosher Jam, on UK Jazz Radio, Dave Bell encouraged Alun Parry to turn his book Dirty Thirty into a song,, and here we have Rod Madocks who has made a short film - seven minutes or so - from his book, No Way To Sat Goodbye: A challenge then to our other writers... just skip any ballet, please. I was particularly pleased with Rod making this short film as his book first came out in 2007. It did pretty well at the time, being shortlisted for the ITV 3 Crime and Thriller Awards, but like most five year old fiction, there is a tendency to slumber. This is a nice piece of work.

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Rod Madocks said...

Thanks, Ross. Pleased to bring Five Leaves to the You Tube generation!
Rod M.