Thursday, 25 August 2011

Cable Street march goes ahead - update

Five Leaves is one of 42 (no, this is not connected to Douglas Adams) organisations backing in organising a commemorative demonstration in London on Sunday October 2nd remembering The Battle of Cable Street in 1936. Other organisations range from trade unions to the Jewish Socialists' Group to the Bangladeshi Youth Group. Regular readers will know we have five Cable Street books being launched that day as part of the general celebrations, of which more anon, as well as a general interest in the issue. As I write, the Government has banned an EDL demonstration in Tower Hamlets on September 3rd following petitions and appeals from those in the borough. It is worth noting that there was a great attempt to have the 1936 march by Oswald Mosley banned. The then government refused, leading to the mass turnout of people to prevent Mosley's Blackshirts marching through, which led to the Battle. The point of this post is to note that the EDL banning also includes all other marches in Tower Hamlets for the subsequent 30 days. It does, however, appear that the march celebrating the famous anti-fascist victory (October 2) is going ahead as planned, with police permission. All the other events planned around that day will happen as planned. I'll post a complete listing of all the other events soon.

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