Saturday, 11 June 2011

Out of Towners - new from Five Leaves

Dan Tunstall's second young adult novel is now available. Out of Towners is about a group of lads who, GCSEs over, go away for their first weekend without parental supervision. What could possibly go wrong? Well, it would be a very short novel if nothing went wrong so I think you can assume that things happen. At the book launch earlier this week in Leicester a mate of the author was nervously looking through the book since the basics of the story were of Dan and his chums' own first weekend away, some twenty or so years back (though the novel is set in modern time). He seemed to be concerned that it might not be such a fictional story. He has nothing to worry about; writers make things up. I think.
Dan's writing career is taking off. His first Five Leaves' novel, Big and Clever, was shortlisted for the Branford Boase award for first novels for children and young adults, he has a story in a new big-league anthology about being a boy and he also has a young adult novel for reluctant readers on its way, also from a big publisher. His school visit programme is building up, including a lot of return visits. Dan has been ably supported by Penny Luithlen of the Jennifer Luithlen Agency, and fellow Leicester writer Bali Rai has given him a lot of support as well. Bali too will be joining our roster next year, albeit with a new edition of one of his early books. You can find out more about Dan's book, maybe even buy it, here:

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