Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Libri quinque folii

This is it then, the final corrections have been put in, an agreement has been reached over which Roman Gods are merely minor deities (these things matter) and the barcode box has travelled up and down the Roman road pictured on the back cover until it is dizzy.

Roman Nottinghamshire started life as a talk at Lowdham Book Festival many years ago. The talk was packed out, and the author, who normally wrote about Romans in a national context agreed to write a book on Nottinghamshire. Her book never appeared, and was abandoned. Some years later, discovering that a journalist friend knew a lot about the subject he, Mark Patterson, agreed to write a 64 page book with ten or so illustrations, largely to sell at Tourist Offices and the like. As we approached his deadline Mark asked if it could be a bit longer - sure, liberty hall here. So, on the deadline appeared enough text to make a 300+ page book including over 100 illustrations. It was a much better idea, but left little time to have it professionally proof-read by a Roman specialist, edit and do a complicated production job, adding things like an index and extensive bibliography which would not have been needed in the smaller book. Here's our poster. But I've just realised that bookshops/Amazon/our own website have the old bibliographic information - so need to send out notice of changes of size, price, number of illustrations. And we changed the cover too.
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