Saturday, 19 February 2011

The Liberation of Sauchiehall Street Waterstone's

I can exclusively reveal that this blog has had 120 page views by people in South Korea since it started. Brazilians are also showing an interest in Five Leaves that can only be termed healthy. Our Scottish readers will, however, only be logged separately when independence is finally achieved. But assuming there are some, I was hoping to announce a rave review for J. David Simons' The Liberation of Celia Kahn in today's Herald, but no show. Of any review of the book, let alone a rave one. Maybe next week. On the other hand, over at Gutter magazine there's a great review, and in a recent Tribune and Edinburgh's The Skinny, and this one in the interestingly named blog Vulpes Libris where you have the rest of the evening to put your name into a draw for a free copy. Sorry about the lack of notice on that:
J. David Simons' book is about socialism, contraception, Jews and Scotland, which combination throws up some interest when plonked into google.
Anyone footloose in Glasgow on Wednesday is welcome to come to Sauchiehall Street Waterstone's at 6.30pm to hear David talking about the book.
I can also exclusively reveal that to sort out some editorial queries an embarrassed male author had to explain to an embarrassed male editor exactly how a Dutch Cap worked. How was I supposed to know that?

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