Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Five Leaves' review coverage

This has been a good month for reviews of Five Leaves' books so far. Here's a summary: PN Review for Feb includes a long review of Three Men on the Metro by Andy Croft, Bill Herbert and Paul Summers, drawing attention to a collective poetry venture being truly collective in its writing. Hackney citizens can find a wonderful two page feature on our Roland Camberton novels in the January Hackney Citizen (, the only pity being they did not mention the publisher or price. Jewish Renaissance also features both books, concentrating on Rain on the Pavements. Ken Worpole has a big feature on our other current New London Editions writer, Alexander Baron, in the current New Statesman (, though the Morning Star was not big on his Rosie Hogarth. Carousel for spring will include reviews on Alan James Brown's Tolpuddle Boy (also covered in the RMT journal) and Dan Tunstall's Big and Clever, while Teen Titles likes Follow a Shadow by Robert Swindells. The current Leicestershire Chronicle lifts a couple of pages from Ray Gosling's Personal Copy. Southwell Folio features Next Year Will Be Better by John Lucas and Fae Nation goes for The Rose Fyleman Fairy Book. Evergreen gives review coverage to Colin Ward and Dennis Hardy's Goodnight Campers. The only international coverage we've had in the last month has been for Jazz Jews, picked up by the San Diego Jewish World, Shalom Life and the jazz programme on the Canadian station CKCU, though that is really piggy-backing on coverage of Mike Gerber's now regular jazz Jews programme on UK Jazz Radio, which is available on their play it again, Sam, scheme. Now then, does review coverage lead to sales... a bit. But not as many as you would think and in some cases not at all. The big test will come for some forthcoming Scottish books where we expect a lot of coverage in that small nation.

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