Saturday, 1 May 2010

Trade secrets

Any readers who regularly take the 45 bus in Nottingham might recognise the two teenagers in the image below for the book Revolution. We'd been struggling for ages to find the right two teenagers. The first couple we photographed were too young, in the second the boy looked wrong for the character in the book... and then on the bus were the ideal couple of teenagers. They were on a local college advert, together with a very sultry female and a boy with a mohican. The subliminal message was come to our college and you could look as cool as this. I rang the college PR department to see if I could get permission to use the image of these two local students, thinking that they might be excited being on a book cover. Local? Nope, bought from an American website of stock images, $29 for six. So, off to the website, wading through stock images suitable for lingerie ads. Hoping nobody would come in to my office... "No, don't worry, I'm not looking at these, I'm, um, looking for teenagers..."

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