Tuesday, 9 February 2010


In the scale of things, £694.05 is not a huge sum of money. This is the amount owed to Five Leaves by Borders/Books Etc following their Xmas closure. That's what they owe us for books taken, possibly even sold. We're not likely to get any of the money, nor any of the unsold books back. The people who are first in the queue for what the administrators managed to get for the assets (our assets) goes to the administrators, then - gosh, faint with surprise - the bankers. The Borders closure cost you money as well of course since Borders could not pay the statutory minimum redundancy pay so the taxpayer had to.
The blogs and The Bookseller in December and January were awash with concerns about the business practices that caused the closure. But what can you do? We have cut the expense account of the office cat and will make what everyone seems to call efficiency savings. But what we really want to do is burgle the house of Philip Downer, CEO of Borders, and take goods to the value of £694.05 because Borders certainly mugged us, and most other publishers too.

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